PEN Early Careers Network (PEN-ECN)

The PEN Early Careers Network (PEN-ECN) is a network of self-defined “early career” researchers and practitioners. The aim of the network is foster the interaction, capacity and growth of early career researchers, practitioners and related professionals in PEN with regards their level of impact on dietary, physical activity and sedentary behaviours at population level.

Our main objectives are:

  • To facilitate connections and the sharing of knowledge/skills between PEN-ECN members (e.g. conferences, webinars) with the ambition of sustaining an ECN after the current funding period;
  • To provide an online environment where PEN-ECN members can communicate about relevant issues (e.g. website, twitter);
  • To develop capacity and key skills in PEN-ECN members (e.g. grant writing, networking, career development);
  • To promote opportunities for PEN-ECN members to collaborate on national and international projects, research and committees with the ambition of sustaining this after the current funding period;
  • To enable informal mentoring for PEN-ECN members through connections with more experienced leaders in the field;
  • To create a communication platform to offer PEN-ECN members space and time throughout PEN for sharing and presenting their work, and to become a resource for each other.

Get Involved!

 The PEN-ECN is free to join for persons who are current members of the PEN consortium, or part of a group/initiative that relates partly or fully to the goals of PEN. If interested in becoming a member of the PEN-ECN please contact us at jpi-pen(at)

Project Office

Email: jpi-pen(at)
Phone: +49 421 21856837
Fax: +49 421 21856821

Leibniz Institute for Prevention
Research and Epidemiology – BIPS
Achterstr. 30
28359 Bremen/Germany