ECN Mentorship programme

PEN works to connect international researchers working in policy evaluation, through collaborative research and opportunities to learn from others in the field. Due to restrictions on face-to-face meetings and international travel, it has become more difficult for early-career researchers to benefit from this extensive and eminent network, and for mid- and senior-career to share expertise and experience with new researchers in the field. Part of the remit of the PEN Early Career Network (ECN) is to provide ways to formally and informally strengthen relationships in the network.

Mentoring and peer-to-peer mentoring aims to develop meaningful relationships between mentees and mentors which are focused on specific areas of professional development. The PEN ECN established a mentorship programme to facilitate the exchange of guidance, expertise and experiences between members of PEN, and provides an opportunity to connect and engage members at various stages in their careers.

Key points about the mentorship programme:

  • Mentees and mentors are matched by the PEN ECN according to individuals’ expectations and priority areas for mentoring.
  • The first edition of the programme ran from March 2021 to December 2021. It began with a kick-off information session; followed by a mid-point information session to discuss the progress, benefits and challenges of the program; and concluded with a final session to share impressions of the overall experience and evaluate the programme.
  • Depending on demand, individual or group sessions can be scheduled between mentors, mentees and the coordinators of the mentorship programme.
  • Mentees and mentors commit to meeting for 1.5-2 hours every 6 weeks, although this can be tailored to each mentee-mentor relationship.

If you would like more information about the mentoring programme, please email jpi-pen(at)

Learn about the ECN work and its objectives
Meet the ECN Steering Committee

PEN ECN Mentorship programme 2021 - See this video here!

Learn about the ECN work and its objectives
Meet the ECN Steering Committee

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