PEN Glossary of Definitions

The rationale for this glossary is aligned to the work of PEN, which aims to develop a consolidated approach to policy evaluation across Europe by developing and prioritising an agreed set of indicators, measured using harmonised instruments that ideally can be used by existing monitoring and surveillance systems (Lakerveld et al., 2020). There is a lack of consistency in the use of key terms in the field of policy evaluation. Furthermore, within PEN there was a lack of standardisation amongst the terms used to describe similar concepts across work packages. The consortium compiled a glossary of definitions for use within PEN, and potentially beyond.  

Figure 1 presents an “Inter-relations in policy-related concepts” diagram specific to PEN. The aim of the diagram is to enable navigation through the key terms, illustrate how the various terms fit together structurally and provide support for the definitions included in the PEN project. Hover over a term with the mouse to read our definition(s).

Figure 1. “Inter-relations in policy-related concepts” diagram specific to PEN


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