Policy symposium - Posters

The posters of the 4 projects involved in the policy symposium listed below were presented at the policy symposium. 

Also displayed as posters were the PEN fact sheets, which are a main outcome of PEN. You can find the fact sheets here.
Acceptability of policies targeting dietary behaviours and physical activity: a systematic review of tools and outcomes
Marie Scheidmeir (Department of Health Psychology, Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany), Thomas Kubiak, Aleksandra Luszczynska, Janine Wendt, Daniel A. Scheller, Biljana Meshkovska, Annabel Sandra Müller-Stierlin, Sarah Forberger, Karolina Łobczowska, Agnieszka Neumann-Podczaska, Katarzyna Wieczorowska-Tobis, Hajo Zeeb, Jürgen M. Steinacker, Catherine Woods, Jeroen Lakerveld, on behalf of the PEN Consortium
Applying a systems’ perspective to understand the mechanisms of the European School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme.  Mahshid Zolfaghari (Department of Nutrition, University of Oslo, Norway), Biljana Meshkovska, Anna Banik, Carlijn B.M. Kamphuis3 Birgit Kopainsky, Aleksandra Luszczynska, Celine Murrin, Nanna Lien; on behalf of the PEN consortium

Association of socioeconomic position and childhood obesity in Finland based on official register data. Tiina Laatikainen (THL)

Barriers and facilitators to implementation of direct fruit and vegetables provision interventions in kindergartens and schools: a qualitative systematic review applying the consolidated framework for implementation research (CFIR). Biljana Meshkovska (Department of Nutrition, University of Oslo, Norway) , Daniel A. Scheller, Janine Wendt, Hannah Jilani, Marie Scheidmeir, Jan M. Stratil, on behalf of the PEN consortium
Catalogues of monitoring and surveillance datasets for key policy indicators. Isobel Stanley (School of Public Health Physiotherapy and Sports Science, University College Dublin, Ireland), Agnieska Neumann-Podczska, Katarzina Wieczorowska-Tobis, Gert Mensink, L Garnica-Rosas, Stefanie Do, Karim Abu Omar, Wolfgang Ahrens, Antje Hebestreit, Celine Murrin, on behalf of the PEN consortium

Low family socioeconomic status is a strong predictor of childhood adiposity in Europe - a scoping review. Tiina Laatikainen (THL)

SIMPLE Modules. Antje Hebestreit (Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS, Germany), Stefanie Do, Maike Wolters, Wolfgang Ahrens, Sven Messing, Karim Abu Omar, Gert Mensink, Catherine Woods, Katarzyna Wieczorowska-Tobis, Agnieska Neumann-Podczska, Isobel Stanley, Celine Murrin

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in European cities: barriers and facilitators of implementation. Romanika Okraszewska (Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland), Noah V. Peters, Lucia A. Reisch, Marion Flechtner-Mors, Carlijn B.M. Kamphuis, Janine Wendt, Daniel A. Scheller, Karolina Konsur, Joanna Zukowska, on behalf of the PEN consortium

Understanding the complex impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on children with overweight and obesity: a comparative ecological analysis of parents’ perceptions in three countries  - STOP Project WP8. P. Nowicka (Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden), A. Ek, I. E. Jurca‑Simina , C. Bouzas, E. Argelich, K. Nordin, S. García, M. Y. Vasquez Barquero, U. Hofer, H. Reijs Richards, J. A. Tur,, A. Chirita‑Emandi and K. Eli

Vitamin D food fortification in European countries: The underused potential to prevent cancer deaths. Tobias Niedermaier (Division of Clinical Epidemiology and Aging Research, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Germany), T Gredner, S Kuznia, B Schöttker, Ute Mons, Jeroen Lakerveld, Wolfgang Ahrens, Hermann Brenner, on behalf of the PEN consortium


  1. A package of policy tools promoting healthy diets and physical activity. Kate Oldridge Turner (World Cancer Research Fund International, London, United Kingdom), Margarita Kokkorou, Fiona Sing, Knut Inge Klepp, Harry Rutter, Arnfinn Helleve, Kate Allen
  2. Acceptability of apple fibre-adapted, reduced calorie school meals – a STOP Project pilot study with Primary Schools in Gwynedd, North Wales. Jonathan Hughes
  3. Creating an intergenerational policy dialogue tool. Samantha Nesrallah

  4. Developing an index for implemented national nutrition policies in Europe. Anne-Siri Fismen, Jonas Rekdal Mathisen, Ioana Vlad, Kate Oldridge-Turner, Jennifer O'Mara, Knut-Inge Klepp, Harry Rutter, Arnfinn Helleve

  5. FAIR Data Management. Trond Helland, Catharina Wold Robson, Bjarte Kysnes, Oddrun Samdal

  6. Filling in the gaps: what is important to young people in adolescent obesity research? Natalie Savona (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), Arnfinn Helleve, Talia Macauley, Cécile Knai and Gerd Monica Flodgren        
  7. Healthy Voices. Hannah Brinsden
  8. How can policies be improved to create healthier food environments in Europe? Application of the Healthy Food Environment Policy Index (Food-EPI) in the EU and in five European countries. Maartje Poelman, Carlijna Kamphuis, Liv Torheim, Ana Lene Lovhaug, L Terragni, Henjum S, Gun Roos, Peter  von Philipsborn, Karin Geffert, Antje Hebestreit, Clarissa Leydon, Piotr Romaniuk, Alexandra Luszczynska, Stefanie Vandevijvere, Janas Harrington, on behalf of the PEN consortium 
  9. Integrating major feedback dynamics governing adolescent obesity: a simulation-based approach. Anaely Aguiar, Eduard Romanenko, Birgit Kopainsky and Nanna Lien

  10. The development of the Physical Activity Environment Policy Index (PA-EPI). Catherine B. Woods (Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Limerick, Ireland), Liam Kelly, Kevin Volf (Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland),, Peter Gelius, Sven Messing, Sarah Forberger, Jeroen Lakerveld, Nicolette R. den Braver, Joanna Zukowska, and Enrique García Bengoechea, on behalf of the PEN consortium

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