Fact sheets

Part of the remit of WP7 is to disseminate the main results, conclusions and recommendations of the research areas covered by each work package. This was done in the form of individual fact sheets. The purpose of these fact sheets is to disseminate results to key target audiences in order to create long-term sustainable impact of the network and project results.

WP1 - Policy mapping and Environment Policy Index (EPI) development

1. How can policies be improved to create healthier food environments in Europe? Application of the Healthy Food Environment Policy Index (Food-EPI) in the EU and in five European countries [DOWNLOAD]

2. HEPA Policy Audit in four EU Member States [DOWNLOAD]

3. The development of the Physical Activity Environment Policy Index (PA-EPI) [DOWNLOAD]

4. Policy Impact on Physical Activity in Schools [DOWNLOAD]

5. Sport policy impact on physical activity: a systematic review [DOWNLOAD]

6. Transport Systematic Literature Review [DOWNLOAD]

7. Impact of mass-media campaigns on physical activity: a review of reviews through a policy lens [DOWNLOAD]


WP2 - Monitoring and surveillance

8. Catalogues of Monitoring and Surveillance Datasets for Key Policy Indicators [DOWNLOAD]


WP3 - Estimation and simulation of policy impact

10. Quantifying the impact of policies [DOWNLOAD]

WP4. Policy implementation evaluation

11. Policy Implementation [DOWNLOAD]

WP5 - Equity and diversity of policies

12. An equity perspective in obesity policies: recommendations from a systems perspective [DOWNLOAD]

WP6 - Policy in practice – Selected case studies (sugar taxation, active transport and policies on physical activity and nutrition in schools)

13. The case of the sugar-sweetened beverages tax [DOWNLOAD]

14. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) [DOWNLOAD]

15. School based Fruit and Vegetable Provision Programs [DOWNLOAD]

WP7 - Network coordination and dissemination

16. Advancing the evidence base for public policies impacting on dietary behaviour, physical activity, and sedentary behaviour in Europe: The Policy Evaluation Network promoting a multidisciplinary approach [DOWNLOAD]

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