Thursday, 30 July 2020 12:53

Vlog about stakeholders engagement in PEN

Key message by PEN PhD students addresssing the “Theory of Change” (ToC) approach 

Janine Wendt and Daniel Scheller, two PhD students from the PEN project, planned to address the “Theory of Change” (ToC) approach in their inspiration session of the JPI HDHL conference in 2020, which because of COVID-19 was postponed till spring 2021. They share their key message in this vlog. 


PEN aims to evaluate policy measures to promote a healthy diet and physical activity for the population in terms of content, implementation and effectiveness of policies. In PEN they use the ToC-approach to identify key implementation processes, facilitators and barriers together in the discussion with stakeholders. The ToC-approach attempts to overcome the gaps between research, practice and among stakeholders from different settings. Therefore, PEN put into action ToC-workshops in which stakeholders pursuing the same goal can discuss together in a supportive environment. During the ToC-workshops key factors of policy implementation as well as barriers and facilitators can be examined and are depicted in so-called ToC-maps. Following the workshops continuous feedback combined with subsequent meetings leads to stakeholders engagement over a long-term period. An iterative process can be established to monitor and guide the implementation of policies in a chosen area of interest.

See the full vlog at the JPI-HDHL website here.

Are you interested in knowing more about the ToC approach and participating in one of their workshops on 18th August 2020? Please find the invitation here.


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