Friday, 03 September 2021 14:25

New PEN publication

Policies to promote physical activity in Germany. An analysis based on a policy audit tool from the World Health Organization (German title: Politik zur Bewegungsförderung in Deutschland. Eine Analyse anhand eines Policy-Audit-Tools der Weltgesundheitsorganisation)

Based on the World Health Organization’s Health-Enhancing Physical Activity Policy Audit Tool (HEPA PAT), researchers from the Policy Evaluation Network systematically collected and analysed data on physical activity promoting policies in Germany. The results highlight the wide range of relevant stakeholders and provide an overview of current policies as well as surveillance, evaluation, and funding. Significant accomplishments and persistent challenges were identified.

Messing, S., Forberger, S., Woods, C., Abu-Omar, K. & Gelius, P. (2021). Politik zur Bewegungsförderung in Deutschland. Bundesgesundheitsblatt.

A comparative article on physical activity policies in Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Poland has been published earlier this year, highlighting the added value of the HEPA PAT as a tool for policy monitoring.

Gelius, P., Messing, S., Forberger, S., Lakerveld, J., Mansergh, F., Wendel-Vos, W., Zukowska, J. & Woods, C. (2021). The added value of using the HEPA PAT for physical activity policy monitoring: a four-country comparison. Health Res Policy Sys 19, 22.,

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